It’s a Lamia Mahdi Original.

The Joy Collection

Drawing its inspiration from spring, the collection captures the spirit of joyous awakening this season brings.

Elegant, delicate butterflies and flowers sparkle to life on branches of shining gold. While soft, fresh colours and immaculate craftsmanship attract and captivate your eye.

It’s a collection designed to make your heart burst with joy every time you put it on – the happiness of an eternal spring captured in gold and jewels.

The Bliss Collection

A glistening, rare gift from the depths of the ocean, the pearl is at the heart of this luminescent collection.

Inspired by the sea and sand, natural, untreated baroque pearls play against roughly treated gold, while waves of diamonds mimic the hypnotic beauty of endlessly crashing waves.

Every time you put on a piece from this collection, you recapture that moment of pure bliss that only a day at the seaside can bring.

The Serenity Collection

The strength and serenity of natural stone form the foundation of this collection, and speak to a deep connection to nature and the sense of tranquility it brings.

Gold and diamonds surround semi-precious, hand cut natural stones, showcasing their pure beauty to absolute perfection. While the unique shape of each high quality stone enhances your individualistic style.

Put on any piece from this collection and let your soul enter a state of serene happiness.